The Inception

mayasdesiboutique was conceived while Sony Pathak who was studying abroad in India, circa 2013, roamed the narrow paan-stained gallis of Lucknow and Dilli, and fell in love with sarees — sarees that were donned by mannequins in blonde wigs, sarees that hung from the second floor of century-old buildings for display, sarees that her 65 year-old host mom effortlessly wore while flipping garam parathas, sarees that were freshly laundered and hung out to dry in balconies while the sun worked its magic, sarees that artisans worked on while sipping chai from a cutting glass in tiny rooms with doors wide open for the world to see.

This love which was shared by co-founders, Jeny and Sarita Pathak, marked the beginning of the brand MDB which remained a passion pursuit, until 2018, when Jeny Pathak, after years of living in various countries in Africa, including Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia as part of her employment with the United Nations decided to move back to the United States and pursue MDB as a full-time career paving the path for both Sarita and Sony Pathak to do the same.

Meet the Team


Jeny Pathak, a University of Texas at Austin graduate (BSW and MSW)’s, previous work experience included working with non-governmental organizations carrying refugee programs in Nairobi, Kenya. She later went on to working for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in a wide array of field functions encompassing refugee assistance through protection, resettlement, and reporting in east Africa’s largest refugee camps. Jeny worked with the UNHCR in Washington DC, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia until 2018 when she moved back to the United States and transformed MDB from a passion project to a business venture.

Jeny started designing and selling South Asian clothing from her garage in 2018. She learned and mastered the art of selling South Asian clothing and accessories through video postings on Instagram and has since created a community of over seventy-five thousand people across all social media platforms. She has built MBD as an inclusive and community-based space and utilizes her platforms to promote and empower the South Asian community.


Sarita Pathak who moved to the United States from Nepal in 2004 has been an entrepreneur since the age of eighteen. She ran a publishing house and furniture company while simultaneously raising two children and running a household with her husband, Hem Pathak. An avid admirer and collector of sarees, joining and running MDB for Sarita was organic. Sarita takes pride in having raised her two daughters who are now her best friends and business partners.


Sony Pathak practiced law full-time as a litigation attorney until 2020 when she quit her corporate legal career and joined the MDB family. She is grateful to have had the opportunity to turn a passion project into a career. She is outspoken about the toxic nature of corporate America and hopes to create and maintain a brand that remembers the humanness in people. Sony enjoys writing, taking long walks, and travels frequently.


Bonas Khanal, a full-time Software Architect, directs and manages all technical aspects of MDB. His role is instrumental in managing vendor and client relations. He manages the supply chain and all financial matters related to MDB. Bonas has been an integral member of the MDB business from the start and is the go-to for solutions to any issues that may arise. Bonas is a devoted traveler who has now visited over fifty-five countries.